Week 3: “بَقْبَقَ”

Course Update

Week 3 is officially over!  Alhamdulillah 🙂  One crazy realization that we’ve had is that we’re basically 1/10th done with the program and our time is really flying by.  We are learning so much, alhamdulillah, but there is this imminent doom which is lurking in the back of my head that life will come back to normal after Dream and that I won’t be able to see the beautiful sisters I am getting to know so well everyday…

Fridays are our exam days.  We have half days and get out early for jumuah.  Today we were tested on verbs, “افعال”.  Last week we were tested on ism’s (nouns, adjectives, etc, “اسم”).  Today we also had our first conversation presentation in pairs.  Ustadh Nouman said that the week that we cover verbs is when the program really takes off running  and that the completion of this week marks us covering the fundamentals of grammar.  It has been pretty intensive so far, so I’sm slightly scared to see the pace and workload become even more intense, but insha’Allah we will be able to keep up and will be able to use all of our time here for the best.

One of the funniest moments in class this week was when we learned the verb “بقبق”, which is borrowed from the Urdu term “bakbak”, which means when someone keeps yapping on uselessly.  So here are the past tense  conjugations for the verb!!  It’s nice to see the Arabs borrowing from us for a change!

هو بقبقَ, هما بقبقا, هم بقبقوا

هي بقبقت, هما بقبقتا, هن بقبقن

انت بقبقت, انتما بقبقتما, انتم بقبقتم

انت بقبقت, انتما بقبقتما, انتن بقبقتن

انا بقبقت, نحن بقبقنا

Homework assignment, identify the 5 ism fragments and ism sentences

in the first 25 ayaat of Surat al Baqarah.

Meena in Texas

Today we went to the Plano masjid to hear Ustadh Nouman give the khutbah there.  It’s about a 30 minute drive away from Irving where we are staying.  I have been noticing the quirks of Texas lately, and it’s really starting to grow on me finally, alhamdulillah.  I’m getting more familiar with Texas and just how everything looks and am starting to feel less disoriented.  The thing I’ve noticed about Texas is that every city has a water tower…here’s Plano’s 🙂

The khutbah was amazing, alhamdulillah.  It was about a few gems from Surah Yusuf.  Here’s the Plano masjid!

Plano Masjid.

The really great thing I’ve noticed about the community here in Dallas is that it is very large, very active, and very well-balanced, masha’Allah!  The community is deyfinitely a vibrant one and let me just say that Texas knows how to hold it DOWN!!  

After Jumuah, we went to eat at Fadi’s, this “beefed up cafeteria,” as one student so eloquently put it.  The food was amazing and I definitely want to go back one day!

Lunch at Fadi’s.

There was so much food that it confused me.  I punked out and got the chicken shawerma.

My post was getting too long and it’s getting too late, but there is definitely a lot more that I want to share!  Visit again soon insha’Allah!! Until then…assalamualaykum wa rahmatullah 🙂


2 Responses to “Week 3: “بَقْبَقَ””

  1. 1 Shabnam
    October 1, 2011 at 9:16 pm

    i’ve totally been to plano masjid. they were renovating a the time, and i’m sure it’s even giant-er now! is that the one closest to you?

    • October 6, 2011 at 12:16 am

      nope, 3 min walk away from islamic center of irving. i feel like going there for maghrib every day cuz i enjoy the walk, but by the time i get back it’s a little on the dark side and i dunno if it’s best for me to be walking around alone.

      yesterday was sh ANJ’s seerah class and it’s btwn maghrib and isha…so i was running late cuz i was finishing up my hw so i got ready right when maghrib came in. i skated to the masjid instead of walking to get there faster and i got there right in time for iqamah 🙂

      yes, there were people staring as i coasted thru heavily populated Muslim neighborhoods….aawwwkwwwaaarrrrddd!! a lot less awkward than when i walked into the women’s musallah with my board tho, lol.

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