Oh, Syria! The Victory is Coming!

Assalamualaykum wa raHmatullahi wa barakaatuhu

Alhamdulillah,  this week at Bayyinah Dream has been so much…FUN!! Shaykh Abdul Nasir Jangda is teaching us the classical grammar text “The Ajrumiyyah,” so he is our teacher for most of the day, and we should be finishing within the next 2 weeks insha’Allah.  I truly love studying Classical texts, and I am excited to get a chance to study the Ajrumiyyah, especially after I studied part of the Tajweed poem “Tuhfatul Atfal” with my Qur’an teacher 2 years ago (which was ironically my first real exposure to the idea of tajweed).  Between Sh. ANJ and Ustadh Nouman, it seems like more of a comedy show than an Arabic class 🙂

But anyways, even though all of this amazing coursework should be keeping me busy and so excited, I can’t help but constantly be distracted by thinking about the suffering going on in Syria.  It makes me so sad and makes me feel almost so helpless when I look at the situation in Syria, and even guilty when I compare my life to theirs.

So, this post is dedicated to Syria.

Shaykh Yaser Birjas is giving the khutbah at his masjid on Syria today, so insha’Allah I am heading out for that when salah time rolls around, but for those of you not in Texas, he also shared an incredibly powerful 5 minute video on his FB from one of the most hard-hitting speakers I have ever heard, Shaykh Muhammad Al Arifi.  (I posted another one of his videos in a previous post, What Does It Mean to Be a Student of Knowledge?).

One of the reasons I love this video so much is that it completely contextualizes our feelings and thoughts about what is happening in Syria in a religious frame.  I have been seeing again and again how perfect and encompassing our DEEN and our way of life is, something that even pushes us to be engaged in politics.   Islam is way more than just a religion, this is a way to live.  And another thing, just like in my last post about the one year mark of the Egyptian Revolution, it’s something else to see our religious leaders stepping up to the plate and speaking truth to power, just like the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him would do in his life and taught us to do through his example.

Ibn Taymiyyah said, “If Allah wants to destory a ruler, He destroys his image and dignity in front of the people.”

I know that we are feeling so helpless and are desperately asking ourselves the same question that the Shaykh asked us in the video, what can we possibly do to help the Syrians fight for their freedom?   It’s not like the world has woken up to the tragedies in Syria yet either, as with the latest veto by China and Russia on the world’s stage.  But if the world isn’t taking action, what can we as Muslims, or just me as a Muslim, especially in America?!

“Where are the Muslims?  Where is their zeal?  Where is their support to their brothers?  Do we wait for Christians to give them victory?  Do we wait everyday for a decision from NATO or a security council or any other?  How will we answer to Allah on the Day of Judgment?”

Our support might be a little bit of money, pressuring the government, spreading awareness about the issue, but what else?  I’m a broke student, my small contribution doesn’t feel like it’s enough, neither do my constant FB posts and Tweets!  What is left for me to do?  Have we sought the spiritual means in addition to the physical means of support?  Have we been making dua for Syria? Have we offered extra prayers for Syria? Have we made qiyam late at night or early in the morning for Syria?  Have we been crying and begging in front of Allah for the victory of our brothers in Islam?  Have we really done as much as we can, spiritually?
This reminder is to myself first and foremost.  Let’s take some time out of our busy schedules, take advantage of the weekend and do anything we can to ask Allah directly for victory for our Syrian brothers and sisters.

I know that the day will soon come when victory sweeps Syria, and it will be insha’Allah one day soon.  I forgot to post this in my Egypt post, so I have a beautiful opportunity to do so here.  The day that the Egyptian regime fell, was a Friday.  One of the jumuah/Friday prayers was recorded and this passage is what was read immediately following Mubarak’s downfall and the victory of the Egyptians by the mercy and blessing of Allah.  Br. Ammar posted this video on his FB page, so here it is for everyone to see again!

And by the by–I plan on updating my blog a lot in the next 2 weeks, so be ready for it insha’Allah!

Praying for the best for Syria.

Awesome artwork, a picture you can make your FB profile picture to show solidarity with Syria and help spread awareness about the situation there.


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