No Longer in Juvenile Court

One of the things I have been intrigued with is the differences between the perceptions of childhood, adolescence, and adulthood in Islamic or traditional societies versus American or modern societies.


Muslims believe that God will put them on trail “as adults,” meaning hold them accountable for their actions, when they hit puberty.

When a kid hits puberty, their whole world view is turned upside down and he or she is bombarded with more temptations than he or she has ever experienced before.

In our society, we propagate the idea that a kid at that stage of life is completely irrational, out of control and slave to his or her hormones. However, for Muslims, God is telling you otherwise. God is telling you, you are now being held responsible for all of your actions and He is demanding for you to act with a restraint and control that will match your new desires.

God isn’t letting you punk out.

-paraphrased from Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan’s “Shame” series (episode 4), available on Bayyinah TV; discussion of [3:14]


I wish I had heard this 10 years ago.


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