Masjid Policy: Open Doors and Open Hearts

My first day spent inside the masjid office yesterday, and I already saw stuff that I just didn’t expect. It was after the masjid office hours, but I was inside and doing whatever work I needed to do. An older man, probably in his 50s knocked on the door and walked in. He was wearing a leg brace and his clothing was a bit tattered. He came to the desk and said, “I really just need 20 dollars to buy medication for my leg. I really need my medication immediately, I haven’t taken it for 2 days.”

On Saturday, another experience happened where I met a sister who drove for 2 and a half hours with her young son to visit the masjid and speak to the religious director. She had a physical handicap, looked very distressed. She asked me for help in finding the masjid office and I pointed her in the right direction.

My reflection lies in this: The masjid is a hospital. It can be literally, with medical clinics in some Islamic centers or in the case where someone asked for money for medication. But a hospital in other ways, too. A social hospital–find some good company at the masjid. A spiritual hospital–seek a strong connection with God and reformation of your life. And any kind of other hospital we can think of.

A masjid is a place for the broken, and we are all broken in some ways, some of us more than others and some of us more outwardly so. When we turn someone away due to their appearance or condition or situation, what other place will take them in? Sometimes the community can be so snooty and reject people who need healing, and where else does this person have to go?

This is a reminder to myself first and foremost that my heart needs to be kept as open as the masjid’s doors are to every kind of person out there.

Here's the cat that's started coming around the masjid this Ramadan.  This cutie is just looking for some love at the masjid, like everyone else :)

Here’s the cat that’s started coming around the masjid this Ramadan. This cutie is looking for some love at the masjid, just like everyone else 🙂



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