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Egyptian Revolution: The One Year Mark

What with the Egyptian Revolution’s 1 year anniversary today and the State of the Union address last night, it definitely has spurred me into reflection about the political happenings of recent times: Arab Springs, Irvine 11 case, UC school system fee hikes and protests, Occupy movements, Lowes ads on TLC, Senator Keith Ellison and the Peter King hearings, 10 year anniversary of 9/11, the killing of Osama bin Laden.

One day in class, Ustadh Nouman showed us an old-school video of Shaykh Shaarawi (may Allah have mercy on him) speaking to Hosni Mubarak while he was still president in the 90’s .  Watching this video was not only a great Arabic class exercise (there are English subtitles in the video, don’t worry! Yay!), but moreover it was a great example of a modern day scholarly giant sticking it to the man and doing his personal duty to stand up for justice.  Watching this old man, this scholar and hearing what he has to say to the modern-day Phiraon himself is a breathtakingly beautiful example of what it means to be a great Muslim and a responsible member of society.  And all I can say about Shaykh Shaarawi is, masha’Allah, he was so hardcore!!

If you are our divine decree, may Allah make you succeed; and if we are your divine decree, may Allah help you to endure.

For some reason, we have been forced and conditioned into thinking that being a devout, religious slave of God doesn’t necessitate being a socially conscious and active member of society.  It’s like being a good Muslim means that you hide inside your home and only leave to go out to the masjid or the grocery store.  And to be honest, maybe we’re even a little afraid of the idea.  Shaykh Yasir Qadhi said it best himself during the Modern Movements class this summer,

Our movement has become so apolitical, that when someone mentions politics it becomes a problem. –Shaykh Yasir Qadhi, Ilm Summit 2011

It’s definitely time to embrace our roles as active Muslims, but how?  The Arab Springs have definitely been a beautiful example of what it means for Muslims to stand on the side of justice and oppose oppression.  There have also been a few times in the Dream program where I have been overwhelmingly struck with the beauty of political activism recorded in the Qur’an in the stories of the previous prophets, especially in the story of Moses/Musa (AS).  I blogged about it earlier, here.

Mostly, we should try to ask ourselves the questions:  What does being politically-active and socially-conscious mean to Muslims?  Is it something that is valued within the religion of Islam?  Can I be a good Muslim without being politically active?  How am I personally living up to the Islamic notion of being a member of a society?  …and what a better place to start with thinking back on the Arab Springs?  And the other things that have been happening?

As a celebration of the progress that is being made in all the countries that have and are still undergoing revolutions, I would like to share a video of teach-in that we had at my university last year, which featured 3 people who were caught in the thick of the Egyptian Revolution (UCI Professor Mark Levine, UCI Alumni Mohamed AbdelGhany, Al Azhar Shaykha & UCSD Alumni Muslema Purmul.)  There are three parts: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3.  This event was really awesome and there are some truly amazing stories that were told!!

May Allah help us fulfill our roles as Muslims to the society and may He aid the people who are still struggling for justice and bring the oppressive regimes to a swift end. Ameen.

I leave you with some of the most inspiring photos I have seen from the Arab Springs and the Irvine 11 Hearing.

Allah allows for us to stand up only when we fall with our faces on the floor, to Him.

The One Year Anniversary: January 25, 2012 at 3am, Tahrir Square.

Egypt, Tahrir Square, Earlier Today

Jumuah Prayer in Libya, During the Protests

Impromptu Jumuah Prayer during the Irvine 11 Pre-trial Hearings. Guess who was our khatib? Bayyinah's Shaykh Abdul Nasir Jangda!! (I took this picture myself!)


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